Brother A.R, Great Yarmouth

....whist I was working in London to supplicate my salary every weekend I served Petrol at a Petrol Filling station in Edgeware where I lived. After working there for a couple of months I noticed that my manager would go off on a Saturday morning wearing a black suit white shirt and black tie together with a small black case. One of my colleagues a grumpy old welsh man said Quote "There he goes off to the bloody masons again and we are here doing his work for him" I subsequently found out that his daughters husband had tragically died in a road accident and he was taking care of them all. This further made me more interested in becoming a mason as I thought what a kind caring man, father and grandfather he was and if being a mason could make me more aware of my duties as a husband and father and caring individual I wanted to be like him.....  I would say I would recommend freemasonry to any suitable person as the best Hobby anybody could possibly have perhaps my story could encourage others to join this wonderful caring and charitable organisation.